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Schlatter's RTK Network

   700,000 is a large number, that is the number of acres that Schlatter's Inc RTK Network is covering. Schlatter's Inc. Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS Network in the Pulaski, White, and now Boone Counties area  provides users with a +/- 1” Pass to Pass Accuracy as well as a +/- 1” Year to Year Repeatability with the Trimble AutoPilot system. Schlatter’s Inc. RTK Network allows users to have the accuracy they need with a price they can afford. 

   Trimble is a world wide leader in the GPS Industry and has a strong reputation in Precision Agriculture with their assisted and automated steering systems. The Trimble AutoPilot Systems is fully integrated into your Tractor so that there are no motors or cables cluttering up your cab. AutoPilot systems free you to concentrate on in-field applications such as bed preparation, planting, spraying, spreading, cultivating, and even harvesting! From Strip till, no till, irrigation, or dry farm, the AutoPilot Systems will reduce driver stress and save time and money.

Introducing the CFX 750


The Trimble® GreenSeeker handheld crop sensor is an affordable, easy-to-use measurement device that can be used to assess the heath—or vigor—of a crop in order to make better nutrient management decisions on your farm.

Works with the Connected Farm App for your smart phone. Click Here to learn more.


Field IQ Product Expansion

Introducing new and expanded variable rate and boom control options for the Field-IQ™ crop input control system. Manage pest and nutrient applications by avoiding spray overlap with automatic or manual control of up to 48 sections—more sections controlled than any other variable rate system in the industry today.

The same display that guides your vehicle now controls your planter, sprayer, spreader, and anhydrous ammonia (NH3) strip-till.

  • CAN Based = Less Cables
  • Works with Existing Servo / PWM Valves
  • Rawson
  • Tru-Count


Product Feature ~ Trimble Corrections

  • RangePoint RTX

  • CenterPoint RTK

  • xFill

RangePoint RTX, CenterPoint RTX and xFill are all a Satellite based correction the delivers different accuracy for different needs.


RangePoint RTX delivers 6" pass to pass accuracy with 20" repeatability compared to WAAS that  is 6-8" pass to pass with 36" repeatability. RangePoint RTX is compatible with the Trimble CFX750, FmX and AgGPS 372. Receiver only needs to be unlocked to DGPS (standard) but with the subscriptions is active unlocks GLONASS at no additional charge (a $2,000 value).


CenterPoint RTX delivers 1.5" pass to pass and 1.5" repeatability. CenterPoint RTX is compatible with the CFX750, FmX and AgGPS 372. the GPS receiver only needs to be unlocked to Omni-Star. While the subscription is active the GLONASS is unlocked on you receiver at no additional charge (a $2,000 value)


xFill is the game changer, has your RTK signal dropped due to poor cell coverage or interference due to trees or distance? xFill is Trimble's answer to that problem, based on CenterPoint RTX, RTK users can use the signal FREE of CHARGE for up to 20 mins when your modem or radio cut out.



Foo-Mobile (2-Wheeled Car)

You can find out more on Pete's World Famous Creation Here!




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Lightbar Guidance System

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